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Submit Your Story at the Exchange Tavern!

That is if you happen to be anywhere near Broomfield, CO this month!  They are a terrific little Irish Tavern right near me with a marvelous menu and a (fairly) newly added coffee room.  I will be taking story submissions there.  Our delightful waitress/manager remembered us, even though we haven’t been there in- wow- perhaps even a year since my husband had been working overseas till recently.  She also remembered my penchant for “something sweet and foamy” for a coffee beverage, and the hazelnut concoction she brought me was perfect.  Anyhow, I told her about my book project and that I would like to set up there to interact with her customers, if permitted, in order to gather more stories.  She was enthusiastic, and I am currently awaiting a phone call from the owner that may give me the green light to go hang out there perhaps as soon as tomorrow!  I am really thrilled, because the submissions have slowed, so I am looking forward to begin this phase of generating material.  I am also planning on finding a retirement home that will permit me to visit with their residents, as I want to have stories from all generations to include.    I really think older folks are going to have some terrific, atmospheric tales!  Oh, also, my sister-in-law said oh I don’t know if my story is interesting enough for you- I used to think everyone in the world was a robot…”  HELLO!  Sounds perfectly on target to me!  I can’t wait to get the details on that one!  She thinks it is going to be a very common theme, and I will be very interested to see if her prediction runs true, as I gather more snippets.  So far, no real overlap.  And another new submission which my husband collected for me (!!! I love that he is talking about my project!) has to do with wicked plans for Santa, and makes me giggle.  If you haven’t submitted to me, please do!  Polished entries not required; I will flesh out, embellish, and inquire for other details if needed.  And if you don’t want to write anything down, give me your number and I will phone interview you and do all the work!  Also realized I don’t have a spot in my form for peoples hometown/state/country, which I would like to add.  Better take care of that now!  You can also find me on gwynnproject.webs.com.  That is the first place I started sharing my current writing/publishing pursuits, and I am not sure I have this blog as well polished as it needs to be yet.  Am I even coming up under the category Books?  Or anywhere at all?  That is my biggest puzzle right now, and neither Categories nor Tags seems to show me what I expect to see!  LOL  So MANY new things to learn!  Will definitely tell you about a firm time/date when I hear from The Exchange Tavern!


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