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Author Looking For An Artist

I am looking for an artist, preferably an unpublished artist, who would like to explore “First Publication” with me.  I have 2 interested artists already, but thought I would like to see if anyone here on WordPress knows someone who might be interested in an opportunity.  I am getting my query letter in the mail this week, so within a month I would like to choose an artist.  I don’t know how the artists payment would work if I land a traditional publisher.  If I fail to land a traditional publisher, I expect to try self publishing, so payment would probably be based on percentage, that is how much of the total effort they bring to the project.  In either case, I would like an artist who is also motivated to personally market our book as I will be doing.

The concept is “Crazy Things Kids Believe” and is a collection of anecdotal stories of adults looking back on their misconceptions in childhood.  If you are, or know an artist who might like to be involved, please have them contact me here, and in a few weeks I will send out 2 or 3 of the stories for them to illustrate.  I am thinking only line drawings at this time, especially if we self-publish, to keep costs reasonable.



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