Gwynn’s Current Book Project

Please understand that entering the form on the Submit Your Story page grants permission to Jennifer “Gwynn” Rentfleish to write up your story for possible publication.  And thanks so much!


Currently have 11/150 stories, and 3 more incoming!  3 stories already written up and have the website now up and running!  Not sure how I will actually GET the submissions given on this page, so may have to do a dry run tomorrow…  Hope I will sleep through the night- last night woke up at 3:30ish thinking about how to disseminate this info to people quickly- hence this website!  Also was wondering about other venues to reach prospective submitters of stories!  You may find me hanging at local Starbucks with a sign and paper forms!  Tomorrow I am also printing up some business cards which will have info to reach this website that I can hand out to people who have already been telling me “I don’t have a story like that, but I bet my (sister/roommate/etc.) does!”


11/150 stories, 4 incoming, 3 written up.  Business cards designed and printed!  Adding more info to website now, and aiming to work up more stories tonight.  UH OH.  Just discovered that this free website service only allows 25 Contact Form submissions per month.  Will have to keep close track of them here, so I know if and when I need to upgrade to Premium.  1st unforeseen possible additional expense!  LOL


Have signed up and paid for class!


Course is supposed to begin this evening, yet have not heard from FRCC yet!  Their offices open at 9, so will find out shortly if my Monday evenings are about to become learning experiences!  I am so excited, I hope it hasn’t been cancelled!

Just got an event made on Facebook hoping to direct Facebook Friends here.  Have never done an event on Facebook before, so am now dying to know if I did it successfully and if people can see it!  The most exciting thing about that is that I have Facebook Friends in other countries- people I don’t even know personally- and their stories will add a different perspective that I can’t even predict!  Very exciting!  I am also eager to get stories from people in different generations- must remember to ask my mother to circulate the idea among people she knows… hmm, and maybe visiting some retirement homes might generate some VERY interesting stories as well!


Class was very interesting, now I know about query letters and the only advice the instructor had for me to improve was to shorten the length of my sentences.  But I think I have nailed the intent and content, so shorter sentences is an easy fix.  Spent some time online researching the topic more today, and wrote my first query letter which the instructor will vet for us next Monday.  Perhaps I will be looking for a standard publisher for this book armed with what I am learning from this class.  Self publishing is always an option, but if I can find someone who has broad marketing capability, that will likely be better.  It was a lot of fun to write the query letter, and I am inspired by some of the others I have read.

Need to print new cards already.  Need more stories.  Maybe I can set up at Starbucks or something this weekend while Craig is working…


Had my query letter to turn in at class, looking forward to next week to see what suggestions she makes on mine- will share that info with you here. Class was on writing Book Proposals, more valuable info I did not have, and am now armed with.  BP is like a BQ on steroids.  Should also be pretty fun to write, and involves more research into your own project!  This class was exactly what I needed at the right time.  It’s a heckuva drive after work to get there in time, but I am going to be much better prepared to do justice to this project.  This class is stirring my creative juices.  I have a new idea for a novel, which fits the common suggestion “write what you are passionate about”.  There will be an enormous amount of research to do… I will need to look up contacts in Africa, I may have to get hold of a copy of SOF, and I will have to read related subject matter like crazy to be sure I express myself as knowledgeably as possible on the subject… but it all sounds delightful!  But I am NOT thinking about that!  I am working on THIS project!  Craig is working tomorrow, so I am thinking of spending the day at Starbucks if they permit.  I need more stories, and they have wifi, so I should be able to do some of my research as well as work on the remaining stories on the laptop while I am there.  There are 2 Starbucks I can choose from close to here.  Also want to look into local bookstores, who may also be willing to allow me to set up and gather stories from people.  Ooo.  Will need to print more business project cards for dispersal tomorrow morning, and likely some more story collection forms.


Class was awesome!  Talked about story structure for one gentleman in class, and also talked about self publication- pros, cons, and how-tos.  Have plenty more to read and learn.  ALSO the instructor handed back our critiqued Query Letters from last week… She told me mine is “Tight”!  So with no improvements needed, I am now researching publishers.  I intend to start sending this tight query letter out within the week!  Also hoping you can find me at Starbucks this weekend collecting more stories!  Right now reaching that goal in time seems my biggest obstacle.Have also taken the advice of a colleague to start a website on WordPress.  He seems to know how to link all these sites to Facebook, and he believes I can thereby reach many more people for story submissions!


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