About Me

My name is J. “Gwynn” Rentfleish, and I am working on my first fun book!  I have a publication already, but that was part of the work I was doing at the time.  I will always be glad to show you my own copy of “Microscopic Images of Zimbabwean Forage Plants”.  I took the pictures, did the cell structure drawings, and all the descriptive text.  I have a degree in English Literature, which prepares one for everything and nothing, all at the same time.  I have always been a reader- as a child I was thwarted by the parental restriction of bringing home no more books than I could carry.  And since being a child, I have always wanted to write books.  I am not waiting any longer.  I am especially not waiting any longer since I have twice had writing ideas that I though about for years and then found that someone else had eventually had the same idea and did act on it.

I naturally have a full time job to maintain my lifestyle, but I also have the leisure of some free time in which I am going to pursue this lifelong desire to write.  The course I am taking now about publication has shown me that a lot of writing and getting published involves research, which I love and excel at, so I am invigorated by the new lines of pursuit- both in a business sense as well as relates to the writing.


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