Welcome & Project Summary

Thank you for coming by my project website! I am looking to collect a specific type of story from peoples childhoods for the purpose of assembling a book for publication- I have been taking a continuing education course and learning about how to get published, so now I have a query letter ready to send to some traditional publishers!  I hope to publish both a softcover book and an eBook.   I am looking for a minimum of 150 stories for the collection, and for this I NEED YOU!  This is a brand new website for me, so I will be setting up a place where you can submit your story, watch the submission countdown  and check out the intended project timeline.

The stories I am looking for (and current working title) are “Crazy Things Kids Believe”. They can only be told from the viewpoint of the adult, able to look back in wonder at the curious thing they once believed, based on their interpretation of the world with the limited amount of knowledge that had been gained at that time. I offer you my own story as an example of what I am looking for.

I was perhaps 8 or 10 years old when I discovered what appeared to be white powder in my Dixie cup in the bathroom. Looking back, I now assume it was the wax coating breaking down from my having used the same cup for too long. My childish brain decided my parents were trying to poison me, and for months thereafter I rinsed my cup vigorously, progressed to drawing a fresh cup every time, and escalated to drawing random cups from the dispenser to thwart their evil plan.

Other submissions to me are titled Daddy Is A Robot, Flying Is Dangerous, and I Need to Eat Little Rocks. You need to read the forthcoming book to learn these wonderful stories that give a delightful view into the magic world of childhood!

In return for your story, here’s what you will get! My undying appreciation! This is a project I have been thinking about for years, and I am thrilled to be getting it underway and to see submissions coming in already! You will also get the fun of your story being in print! I will run my version past you before we go to print, and each story will be tagged like this: “Donated by Jennifer R., age 44, Receiving Warehouse Manager”. If there is any info I ask for that you would not like to share in print, I will certainly honor that, just let me know when you submit your story. And finally, I would like to get a copy into your hands! If I am accepted by a traditional publisher, however, I have no idea if I will have any sort of access to copies of the book!  Probably not 150 copies at any rate!  If this desirable outcome occurs I will certainly posts links here where you can buy a copy.   If I do not find an interested publisher, I am looking at several methods of POD publishing and each offers various benefits and obstacles. In that case, I am still doubtful I can get everyone whose story makes the publication a free copy, but I can certainly offer you a copy at cost  (guessing about $6.50), with a personalized thank you note inside from me. I will keep updating the websites and let you know how we are progressing!


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